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One of the challenges facing agriculture today is the shortage of people who view it as a business. Essentially, the definition and concept of 'agriculture' hasn't been made clear, among those involved in the industry, including the producers themselves. Agriculture should be seen as a 'food manufacturing industry'. Only after the entire industry recognizes this, we will be able to clearly uncover solutions for the many challenges facing agriculture in Nigeria. We shouldn't speak in a roundabout way about agriculture; rather by shifting it to the category of 'food manufacturing industry' we can see more job creation in local communities and agriculture develop into a key industry for future generations.

To catch up with other sector in the country, agriculture must establish a stable distribution network for domestic markets and at the same time strive to open more international markets. In this regard, I believe agriculture is facing a time of great change.

In Japan, agriculture in the post-war period has been supported by four major pillars, including the food control system, farmland system, agricultural cooperative system and Agricultural Basic Act. This has enabled 6 million farmers to cultivate rice, more efficiently accumulate their crops nationwide through agricultural coops, and fairly distribute these crops to the people of Japan. For a time, this system was an excellent system that served the needs of Japan in the post-war period.

Business management requires you to think about not only creating things, but also processing and selling. In other words, agriculture needs a business and management perspective. This is also one of the major challenge facing agriculture in Nigeria today. In order to sustain agriculture as an industry, we need to retrain most of our unemployed youths in order to increase the number of people that engage in agriculture with a business management perspective where they take on risk and seek out returns. This is why we need to provide an environment that rewards the efforts of agribusiness-persons that are working to change agriculture into an integrated industry.