Olegbe: Sericulture and Silk Textiles Industry
Sericulture - Benefits
  1. Rural employment creation
  2. Creating new job opportunities
  3. Providing supplementalincome.
  4. checking migration
  5. Potentiality of the sector in national economy
  6. Rural development
  7. Women empowerment
  8. Employment generation have been identified.
  9. In Sericulture each and every product or by-product has potential utility and scope for adding to livelihood.
  10. Simultaneously, silk aficionados get new ranges of eco-friendly and natural products.
  11. Higher employment potential is well suited to utilize the abundant human resources in rural Nigeria.
  12. Secured earning ensures upward socio-economic mobility of the practicing communities.
  13. The activities synergistic with climate resilient growth in varied eco zones ensure improved food security.
  14. Adoption of spinning and weaving of raw silk adds more to the family income.
  15. Eri, the ‘Ahimsa’ silk is used for robes, made-ups and blending material for wool.
  16. High market demand nationally and internationally due to longer durability and multifarious utility of eri silk.
  17. High export potential helps in earning foreign revenues.
  18. Eri silk powder is also added to food, medicines, cosmetics and soft drinks.
  19. Proteins, vitamins, HDL fats and amino-sugar enriched pupae.