Unparalleled supply-and-demand analysis of the agribusiness market, with a key focus on the commodities markets including grains, livestock, dairy, rice, sugar, oil crops, cocoa, coffee and cotton.

We help agribusinesses harness your data to drive high performance. Our services and solutions help increase productivity, improve operational excellence and drive growth throughout the value chain, while managing risk. We:

  • Assess and define company strategies and operating models.
  • Manage your data to turn analytics into smart business decisions.
  • Deliver technology and consulting solutions that enable you to effectively manage margins.
  • Serving Agribusinesses from Field to Family Provide producer services that empower your producers to grow with you.
  • Track and trace products throughout the value chain to enable a sustainable business.
  • Deliver merchandising and origination services and solutions to manage risk.

Our capabilities can speed the process of change and keep you focused on what you do best.